Twinble International Enterprise corp.


Why Twinble ?

Customer satisfaction and fulfillment of technological needs are achieved through a series of interactions with our experts on joint development programs.

All products are 100% made in Taiwan, and consistent quality is controlled by the complete manufacturing solution in-house.

No matter what type of rubber compression is desired, injection molding and liquid injections are available for high precision silicone rubber products in our technical portfolio.

We are able to provide assembly service to enhance the value of the products as well. Our designs evolve with innovations to continuously improve and create products with value that the market yearns for.

  • Complete manufacturing solutions

  • Green product certificate

  • Product assembly

  • Strict quality assurance system

    Strict quality assurance system
    • Tensile strength & Retention force testTensile strength & Retention force test
    • Soap bag in box cartridgeStrengthen structure by multi-layer film
      Reliability test by high pressure pump
  • Innovation and Customization

    • Innovation and CustomizationDrive your innovation!
    • the program to realize your ideas The program to realize your idea

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